Moore, Pringle praise rules protecting Bibles, Christmas trees in VA hospitals

“I am very happy to see that President Trump and Vice President Pence are moving to restore the right of military veterans to recognize our spiritual heritage,” Judge Moore said in a statement. “During WWII President Franklin Roosevelt even issued signed Bibles to members of our armed forces.” “The Obama Administration and liberal democrats of […]

U.S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore called for a return to “moral” times, before gay marriage, sodomy and abortion were legal

“We have got to go back to what we did back in the ’60s and ’70s, back to a moral basis. We had abortion laws in our state,” Moore told the Huntsville Republican Men’s Breakfast group on Saturday, according to news station WZDX. “We did not have same-sex marriage. We did not have transgender rights. […]

Moore says the Democratic Party “does not represent the conservative values” of Alabama

“Our education system, that is something that really gets me, because back when I was in school in 1965, we had prayer in school,” Moore added. “We had prayer before our football games. The Ten Commandments could be displayed in school up until 1980. In 1980 when the Supreme Court outlawed it. They said if […]

‘Clown show’: Alabama Senate candidates react to Democratic debate

‘Former Chief Justice Roy Moore said he watched earlier Democratic debates but did not plan to watch Wednesday’s debate. He added, “I’m sure this debate will focus on the President’s Impeachment. I have no need or desire to listen further to an agenda which would certainly lead to the destruction of our Country and the […]

Roy Moore weighs in on Chick-fil-A, ‘LGBTQ agenda’ — Says ‘queer’ used to be a ‘mental disease’ but is now a ‘right’

“I’m not going to try to guess what Chick-fil-A’s motives are,” Moore said. “You can ask Chick-fil-A. I know that there’s always confusion over this. My question is — is how many political candidates running for the Senate will speak out against the LGBTQ agenda, which is pretty clear — take away your religious liberty, […]