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Judge Moore says that Democratic candidates are pandering to their socialist constituents

“It is clear that the democrat candidates for President are merely pandering to their socialist constituents,” Judge Moore told the Alabama Political Reporter. “I have and will continue to support a “flat” tax or even better a “fair” tax which would tax people on what they spend for “new” goods and services. The fair tax […]

WSFA Covers 2020 Senate Race

“I think the major difference between myself and others running public offices, I’ve actually stood for something. I’ve actually done what I said, and of course, as you know, was removed from office the first time for the 10 commandments and the second time suspended,” Moore said. “So basically, I think it’s very important for […]

Moore discusses impeachment trial

“Pelosi and her constituents will do anything to annoy, harass, or embarrass the President in a political year,” Moore stated. “Their attempt to subvert the Constitution is evident in their delay in sending articles of Impeachment to the Senate.” Read the entire article.