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Yellowhammer News: Roy Moore on Jeff Sessions entering 2020 U.S. Senate race: ‘It doesn’t matter who is in — I’m in it because I want to give the people a voice’

“They talk about the Russian interference with the president with Russian bots and then turnaround and admit that they used that same tactic and the people that used it, New Knowledge, are part of the Senate Intelligence unit who used that. They used New Knowledge to supposedly protect people from disinformation. And they turn around, […]

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER: Roy Moore, Alabama Republicans take aim at Joe Biden

As Congressional Democrats continue to push ahead with the impeachment inquiry, Alabama Republicans are increasingly critical of former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden for his alleged activities in Ukraine. “No family member of a sitting president or vice president should serve on a foreign gas board drawing a salary of $600,000 a […]

Judge Moore Defends President Trump Against Impeachment

Judge Moore took to Twitter today to defend President Trump and spotlight Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s apparent abuse of power during the aspiring Democrat nominee’s time as Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Vice President. As usual Democrats are concentrating on the wrong issue, what’s a Vice President’s son doing sitting […]