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Report: Billionaire behind botched Iowa caucus vote was involved in 2017 smear campaign in Ala.

Recent reports state that billionaire Reid Hoffman, who apologized for partially funding the 2017 misinformation campaign in Alabama, has supported a non-profit group called ‘Acronym,’ which developed an app that has been blamed for the failed vote count in the Iowa caucuses. Read the entire article here.

Political Corruption in the Court System

MONTGOMERY, AL: Today Attorney Melissa Isaak filed on behalf of her client, Judge Roy Moore, a motion to recuse Judge John Rochester from further consideration of this case due to the following reasons; Judge Rochester’s continued decision to preside over this case despite the fact that his appointment was “temporary” and expired on January 14, […]

Conservative Leadership Conference, Senate forum is Saturday

There will be workshops including: The biblical influence on the U.S. Constitution, led by Judge Roy Moore, A Vision of Liberty,Criminal Justice Reform, and Taking Your Message to New Audiences. The workshops will all be led by Americans for Prosperity- Grassroots Leadership Academy. While the event is free and open to the public; tickets are […]