WSFA Covers 2020 Senate Race

“I think the major difference between myself and others running public offices, I’ve actually stood for something. I’ve actually done what I said, and of course, as you know, was removed from office the first time for the 10 commandments and the second time suspended,” Moore said. “So basically, I think it’s very important for a candidate not only to talk the talk, but to walk the walk.” (Judge Roy Moore)

Watch the interview that aired on WSFA TV. Click or touch the image below to watch.

WSFA Interview Image
Judge Moore and WSFA’s Lydia Nusbaum

“And sometimes we don’t want to recognize God in society,” he said. “And I think that’s wrong because it’s a requirement in our country to recognize God upon whom our principles are founded in the Declaration of Independence.” (Judge Roy Moore)

The complete unedited interview is available on Judge Moore’s podcast. Podcast listeners are invited to subscribe.