Veteran’s Day Message from Judge Roy Moore

On Veteran’s Day my thoughts invariably return to the jungles of Vietnam where many of my West Point classmates died. Though their memory may with time fade, their sacrifice and devotion to duty will never be forgotten.
​Today, an internal war rages in our Country against those who would force upon us an immoral and socialist agenda only to steal from us our sacred Constitutional Republic.
​Let us with renewed devotion resolve that their sacrifice was not in vain and that, under God, we will again be one people united, with freedom and justice for all!

One thought on “Veteran’s Day Message from Judge Roy Moore

  1. Tippie says:

    Lets never forget the sacrifice so that was made during world war two.the korea war and the Vietnam war it shame how many men and women died for our freedom that we little about who they are for socialism and communist let’s don’t ever let it let this turn into what Germany was during world war two.

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