3 thoughts on “Moore on potential Sessions candidacy: “I am in this race, and I will stay in this race”

  1. Johnny Cooper. says:

    Sessions is almost as embarrassing to Alabama as No Show Jones is. If he has any dignity left he will recuse himself AGAIN.
    Godspeed Roy Moore.

  2. David says:

    Brother Roy Moore is a blessing and gift to this nation by YAHUVEH GOD. Please stand behind him fully! This man is anointed and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Any true Christian should be able to see this. Not only is he completely innocent but he is greatly honored and respected not only on Earth but in Heaven. Sister Kayla and everyone who supports our dear brother Moore thank you for standing by him and not believing the lies from the pit of hell railed against him. Those that slander and lie against brother Moore are in big trouble with YAH. That’s guaranteed they better repent for such insanity and sheer disgusting hypocrisy. Attacking an innocent and anounted person is dangerous the Bible confirms it.

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