Roy Moore to Officially Submit Paperwork to Enter U.S. Senate Race on Thursday

“I have already stated that it does not matter to me who is in this race or isn’t. It matters that the people of Alabama have a voice that will stand for God, Country, and family. Tomorrow, my campaign and I will finalize that by going to Birmingham and filing the paperwork to qualify with the state Republican party for the U.S. Senate seat,” said Judge Moore.

“Alabama must have a true conservative in the Senate that understands the Constitution and is unafraid of the Washington elite. My whole career has been dedicated to defending liberty, justice, and religious freedom. I have never been afraid to speak out for the truth, and the politicians in Washington know that. Conservatives in Alabama have not forgotten how this Senate seat was stolen from them in December 2017.”

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Watch the unedited June 20th, 2019 announcement.