JUDGE MOORE: “Religious Liberty is not in the Koran. You can’t take an oath on the Koran to uphold the Constitution because the Koran exactly disputes the Constitution.”

Judge Roy Moore explained why it is not allowable for a practicing Muslim to swear an oath to the Constitution on the Koran during an interview with J.T. on Thursday.

“I’ve often criticized Muslims who take an oath on the Koran because you can’t take an oath on the Koran to uphold the constitution because the Koran exactly disputes the constitution because religious liberty is not there in the Koran,” he said. “[In Islam] Government dictates how you believe and how you worship.”

Moore elaborated on the problem with practicing Muslims swearing their oath of office on the Koran rather than the bible in a radio interview that centered on his recent twitter discussion with Ilhan Omar (D-MN) over the Alabama GOP’s calls for her to be expelled from Congress.

“Throughout our history, if you wanted to immigrate to the U.S. you had to support the United States. The Constitution. The Declaration. 
Every state that entered the union had to take an oath to uphold principles of the Declaration of Independence which includes God. 
I think a big problem is we don’t see the relevance of God. 
we all appreciate religious freedom to worship as we want to, and government has no right to interfere with that. But that’s because there is a God and we recognize this God  gives religious liberty, NOT government. 
And when we remove the recognition of that God, we lose our religious liberty, we lose our rights we lose our freedoms. And that’s what’s happening in our country. We should remember that if we forget the relevance of God, we lose our morality. 

J.T. voiced his agreement with the Judge.

“I saw a study recently that says that 45% of millennials want to remove “in God we trust” out of everything that has to do with this country. It’s complete ignorance,” J.T. said. “If they do a little research and look at the history as to why that’s in there they would certainly understand that taking God out of what we’re doing here in this country is anti-American,” he continued.
“I gotta tell you judge, I believe that what she’s done her is completely  anti-American time and time again. I don’t think that if you’re from a foreign country and you get to this country and you get into congress that if you’re not pro-America and making this country better in some fashion, and you just want to spew the hatred toward this country and try to change it to be more like where you came from, i think there oughtta be grounds for dismissal from the congress,” the radio host agreed.

Listen to the interview below.

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